Originally posted 7/6/2016.

The first speaker on the afternoon of the second day was Chris Cooke of Luv4 Marketing one of the ActionCOACH strategic partners.  Luv4 has enrolled me and many of my colleagues in a social media master class.  In addition, we are able to offer a comprehensive marketing class to our clients via our strategic partnership.  My BFOs from Chris were:

  • Leads generated on the internet will not necessarily be successful if they are directed to a crappy website or landing page.
  • Internet leads will research you online, just like you research companies you are considering doing business with.
  • Your sales process must be revised to reflect the unique methods necessary to maximize your conversion rate of online leads.

Our chairman Brad Sugars wrapped up the afternoon and the BEF with mostly housekeeping announcements and one major BFO:

  • In order to improve your conversion rate, keep an Objection Log. Work answers to your most prominent objections into your sales process and materials BEFORE they arise.

The next two days were devoted to the annual North American Coach conference.  We were introduced to several new strategic alliances.  In addition, there were many speakers addressing best coaching practices and client strategies that worked for our clients.  The following are some of the highlights:

In a session about KPIs, one of my colleagues showed a clip from the movie Money Ball (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGf6LNWY9AI) to highlight using KPIs to overcome biases.  He then introduced the concept of subdividing KPIs into Leading, Lagging, People and Productivity KPIs, which was a BFO for me, having only thought of KPIs in general.

By the way, if you are not familiar with Net Promoter Score, I will cover NPS in a upcoming blog, stay tuned.

In addition, he also had the audience do the following exercise:

You should too.

Another colleague of mine ran a great exercise based on the ActionCOACH formula for change:

(D x V) + F > R

Step 1 – write out a challenge you would like to eliminate

Step 2 – write out your Vision of when the challenge has been eliminated

Step 3 – rate your Vision 1-10 (btw if your vision is not a 10, rework your vision)

Step 4 – rate your Dissatisfaction with the current situation 1-10

Step 5 – write the consequence of not eliminating the challenge

Step 6 – R – list your top 3 resistances to the changes needed to eliminate the challenge

Step 7 – write out the First Step

Step 8 – Be x Do = Have – write an I Am related to the Being needed to overcome the challenge

The I Am statement will influence your unconscious behavior related to your DISC

Step 9 – Four steps to learning – step 7 moved you from u-i to c-i / what needs to be learned to move to c-c?

Step 10 – question how DISC is effecting behavior (both yours and your team’s) toward solving the challenge

This exercise presented a powerful process that can be used to address any number of challenges.  It is based upon three core ActionCOACH concepts and several other items integral to our coaching process.  You may try this method on your own, however for maximum results, please contact me or anyone of my ActionCOACH colleagues.

Finally, another colleague presented a process for creating “I’ll be happy when …” and personal purpose statements.

To create your “I’ll be happy when …” statement

Write your top 2 personal goals    

Write your top 2 professional goals       

List how you will feel when those goals are achieved       

Use your top goals and the above list to Create your “I’ll be happy when …” statement

To create your personal purpose statement

List your 2 most positive and unique skills and abilities
For example: Experience and Insight
List how you demonstrate these skills
Coaching & Mentoring
What does a perfect world look like to you?
Harmony between having positive impact on many clients and enjoying my 70s with my wife and family

Put all 3 together into 1 statement I use my experience and insight to assist my clients to build very successful businesses that create many great employment positions in their communities.

 I trust you will find some ideas in this BFO series of blogs that will accelerate your success.  My colleagues and I are available to assist you in implementing the concepts presented in these four posts.

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