Originally posted 5/13/2019.

Our next speaker was the amazing Sheri Riley, author of “Exponential Living – Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are” Her presentation included many BFOs:

    • What will you give up to grow? If you don’t give things up, you limit your capacity to grow.
    • Personal development fuels professional growth
    • Our skills and talents can take us to levels of success that our character can’t sustain
    • Personal development is LEADERSHIP text in this area

Her book includes a road map to the title subject, Exponential Living The balance of Sheri’s presentation was about the five steps to Living Your Power

1. Perspective – “I don’t know” is not the truth, it clouds your vision

“Be realistic with your goals and unrealistic with your thinking and your effort.” – Paul Martinelli, President, The John Maxwell Team

2. Ownership – What are you focused on?

When looking at people’s to do lists it was found that:

§ People didn’t remember why 1/3 of the items were on their lists

§ 1/3 of the items were for others, and

§ 1/3 were chronologically out of order

o  Most suffered from FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

3. Wisdom – What is your plan?

Determine your 1 to 3 MOST important NEXT steps

Ask yourself, “Am I chasing opportunities that are actually distractions?

4. Engagement – What adjustments do you need to make to implement?

o  Presence is not enough, being present is the key

o  Multi-tasking is a lie!

5. Reward – How will you remain consistent?

Don’t walk away from a goal because the plan isn’t working

o  Be committed to the goal, be committed to consistency, be flexible with the plan

    • Broaden our definition of success
    • Eliminate the fear of success

Brad Sugars returned to the stage as our final speaker of BEF.  He discussed reaching critical mass:

    • You must grow into your role and goal
    • Wisdom comes from the application of knowledge
    • Commitment – with bacon & eggs

o  The chicken is a participant

o  The pig is committed!

    • The concept of BE x DO = HAVE

o  Applies to a person

o  Applies to a couple

o  Applies to a team

o  Applies to a company

At the awards dinner the evening of the second day, one of the award winners had a different spin on one of our PowerPoint slides: Instead of You have to learn more to earn more, It’s not about what you earn, it’s about who you become.

If you wish to discuss any of the BFOs or concepts presented in this 4-part series, my colleagues and I are just a phone call, email to website inquiry away.

You simply have to take ACTION!

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