If you read my previous blog post, you are aware that my wife and I purchased a condominium and are in the process of renovations to prepare for our impeding move. Condos and Co-ops generally have a reputation of being very difficult in their treatment of contractors and service providers, not to mention their owners. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our condo is an exception!

Just like other condos and co-ops, ours has many rules and procedures regarding renovations and move-ins that must be adhered to. The exception in our situation is based upon the way the rules and procedures are presented and applied. While at first glance the rules and procedures look like other condos, closer inspection shows no obscure nonsense clauses. My contractor and subcontractors tell me they are surprised not to find silly requirements such as the use of special carts to move material from the freight elevator to the apartment or covering the hall carpet with liners.

The building manager has the responsibility to enforce the condo’s rules and procedures. Our biggest surprise is his remarkable, very helpful way of accomplishing his job. He has exceeded the expectations of all our contractors, delivery people, and of course my wife and myself. As the primary face of the building, he is the epitome of going the extra mile. Everything from tiny details to major repair items are handled by him and his staff in an exceptional manner. All this adds up to a WOW experience.

So, what can you learn from his example? Several things come to mind:

  • My building manager exemplifies leadership by creating the proper setting for his team to consistently give an unexpectedly great experience. As a leader have you created the necessary environment for your team to successfully accomplish your mission?
  • My building manager walks the walk and talks the talk. Are you leading by example?
  • My building manager makes sure that the entire team understands the quest for the excellence he expects. He does this by managing his staff without micro-managing. Is your management style and methods congruent with your leadership and mission?
  • My building manager’s management includes effective delegation and a total grasp of detail. As a manager, how effectively do you delegate?
  • My building manager and his staff are a “We can help” team rather than the typical “That’s a problem” co-op/condo team. How do you lead and manage your team to seamlessly give your customers an exceptional, unexpectedly great experience with your organization, time after time?

If you want to have raving fan customers who constantly refer new customers and repeatedly purchase from your company, you must step up your game.

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