Originally posted 12/4/2014, updated 12/8/2021

As the end of 2021 approaches a little introspection is in order.

As a business owner, some of your fundamental roles include:

  • coaching
  • planning
  • setting goals
  • interviewing and hiring
  • training
  • creating
  • managing

How are you doing so far this year regarding your time in these areas?  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • have you invested adequate, quality time planning the future of your business?
  • have you invested adequate time coaching and developing your team (or having it done)?
  • are you on target for all your management and self-improvement goals?
  • have you been able to manage your attitudes consistently regardless of what was happening around you?
  • did you see change as your partner and embrace it…or has it become your adversary?
  • Will you be leaving any unfinished business behind as you move into next year?
  • have you been communicating your goals, strategies, plans, and objectives clearly to your team?
  • have you handled all your team member’s challenges successfully, and in a compassionate and timely manner?
  • have you set clear goals for the rest of the year, for next year, for three to five years in the future?
  • are you in touch with the realities within your organization and your marketplace?
  • if you could, would you reverse or change any of the significant decisions you made during the 2021?
  • if you could begin this year over again, what is one thing you would do differently?
  • Is your business prepared to be sold even if you are not currently planning to sell, should an offer be presented to you?

A critical skill necessary for success as an owner is the ability to honestly evaluate your:

  • personal development progress
  • attitudes
  • skills

Work on expanding this list.  Set a target of 50 more questions that will help you get a better handle on your organization and yourself.

You might think this is a little over the top, however engaging in self-reflection will position you ahead of your competitors to make 2022 and beyond a successful year.

And that’s worth thinking about…And Acting Upon

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