And Take Action

This message may not be the one you want to hear – but it could be the one you need to hear.

If you didn’t keep your marketing fresh, experiment with new ideas, and strive to improve customer service before the pandemic, don’t blame Covid-19 because your business has slowed down. Business owners who have re-invented their business plans are thriving in this new economic reality. 

To identify the problems and build a solid business plan as you manage your day-to-day might seem a bit overwhelming, especially if things aren’t going the way you planned. And, of course, it is not a one and done process.

Once you develop your updated plan, you must remain committed to frequent monitoring, analysis and fine-tuning to stay on track. Developing and implementing your revised plan is where I can help you to pivot your business for growth and success.

As an experienced business coach, I can provide you with an educated perspective, a broad knowledge of what works for other small business owners along with access to an abundance of tools and resources at your disposal.

Eight ways a business coach can help you:

    • Provide support that will boost your confidence. 
    • Challenge your beliefs and foster critical thinking about your business.
    • Educate you on best practices for all aspects of running your business, i.e., sales, marketing, operations, productivity, finance, customer service, business culture and employee relations 
    • Empower you through exercises and activities around personality, culture, and leadership styles so you can better understand yourself and how you want to run your business
    • Prioritize tasks so you resolve the things that matter most first.
    • Set deadlines and hold you accountable so you consistently meet milestones towards your goal
    • Plan your finances so you make the best financial decisions for your business

If your business needs a boost to get through these unsettling times and come out ahead on the other side, I can help you.   And then we will explore the options how to best pivot your company to adapt in this new environment.

When you want someone on your side to help give you guidance gained in helping other small business owners, consider how a business coach can help you in a similar way your Little League or High School sports coach helped you to develop and implement a plan that helped you to succeed.

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About the author,

Certified, Award Winning Executive, Leadership and Business Coach - My mission is to assist as many business executives and owners as possible to leverage their talents and experience for the purpose of maximizing the value they bring to their markets, teams, families, and communities.