The Thanksgiving holiday got me to thinking about what I am thankful for.

In addition to the personal; my wife, daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren, there are many professional things I am grateful for as well.

The first is the opportunity to have had a positive impact on my clients and their businesses.  The size and scope of that influence varies from client to client but knowing that I’ve had a positive impact on so many in different ways is what gets me going each and every morning.

An example of my impact at a leading regional medical center has been far reaching.  The hospital administrators and physicians with whom I worked closely have increased the hospital’s ability to bring quality care to an expanded base of patients and communities. 

I’m proud to say that many of these administrators and physicians who I coached, have been promoted to senior level positions, which further increased my positive impact on many levels.

An example on a smaller scale, is a custom kitchen remodeler client who recently completed a kitchen makeover for a senior banker.  That project created a less stressful living environment at the banker’s home, who reports she has become less stressed at work, which has resulted in happier team members and happier bank customers.

One of my first clients recently gave me another example of my impact. They are an irrigation company who along with my guidance revamped their strategy and adopted a Mission Statement that had them focus on their ability to enhance their customers’ outdoor environment. 

That simple strategic shift led them to expand their services beyond lawn sprinklers, into outdoor / low voltage lighting and other services.  The result is a growing loyal customer base, built almost exclusively by referrals.  Those referrals reflect massive impact toward their customer’s happiness.

The point is that every business, even a hyper-local business can have a positive impact.  Your job is to maximize the impact and value your company brings to your community.

As Brad Sugars, the Founder of ActionCOACH says:

“if your company brings value to your community or the world, you have a moral obligation to maximize the value your company delivers.”

Not sure how to maximize the impact and value your business can deliver?  My colleagues and my mission is to help you do that.  All you have to do is pick up the phone or send me an email.

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About the author,

Certified, Award Winning Executive, Leadership and Business Coach - My mission is to assist as many business executives and owners as possible to leverage their talents and experience for the purpose of maximizing the value they bring to their markets, teams, families, and communities.