Originally posted 6/26/2012, revised 11/30/2022.

While catching up on my non-business reading the other day, I read an article in the May 2012 edition of Golf Digest by Jaime Diaz about Luke Donald (Golf Digest Article).  The article triggered a few ideas about business that will assist you in achieving greater success as a businessperson:

  1. If You Want to Manage It, You’ve Got to Measure It (An oldie but a goodie) – Shot-Link has provided professional golfers many additional pieces of data (KPI’s) they can use to improve their game.  Luke Donald, not the longest hitter in the game, looked at the stats available at the time, selected several to focus upon, and took action to build on his strengths.  Result? Luke attained number 1 position on the World Golf Ranking for 40 consecutive weeks.  Since then, the professional tours and the statisticians have developed many additional stats, not the least of which are all the strokes gained stats. The lessons:
    1. Carefully develop and select your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), measure them consistently and develop an action plan to improve your results.
    2. Do not resist reviewing your KPI’s on a regular (quarterly) basis as different goals or issues arise in your organization. As the spotlight moves, so should your KPI’s.
  1. Build On Your Strengths – Many times we are tempted to improve those things we are not good at instead of building on our strengths.  In business, we can, and should, improve on our strengths and, without totally ignoring, effectively delegate those things we are not good at, hate to do, or shouldn’t be doing.  Luke did not ignore his driving accuracy while he became “a colossus astride the vital real estate from 100 yards and in.”  Turn defense into offense.
  2. Cover The Fundamentals – In order to achieve consistency Luke Donald went to work on his fundamentals.  Consistency is perhaps the key ingredient in your recipe for long-term success.

Working with an ActionCOACH executive / business coach is mostly about all the above, and much, much more.  To learn how I, or one of my colleagues will assist you to become ranked number 1 in your field, leaving your competitors far behind, please contact me.

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