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During my eighteen years as a business coach, I’ve heard the excuses of many, many business owners and executives for not working with a business coach. The following presents some of the reasons/excuses I’ve heard most often:

  1. The Cost is Too High – While the “sticker price” may seem to be beyond your budget, your point of view should focus on coaching as an investment, not a cost. A professional business coach will get your business to a point where the investment in coaching has a positive return within a reasonably short time frame. A coach should deliver enough value to make coaching “free.”
  2. “I Don’t Need Help” – Business owners and executives are generally independent and self-reliant, characteristics that are essential to long-term success. On the other hand, none of us know everything we need to know about business. You may be an expert in your profession or industry but that doesn’t necessarily translate to business success. A business coach will expose you to your blind spots and guide you past them.
  3. Lack Knowledge of or Experience in My Industry – There are many industry specific business coaches and consultants who will guide you toward becoming an average player in your industry. They will compare your results and KPI’s to the average results of your industry. With few exceptions, they deliver “cookie cutter” solutions and advice. A professional certified business coach will add value to you and your company by assisting you to become a leader in your industry, outpacing your competitors. You have industry knowledge; they have business knowledge, the combination of the two results in superior accelerated execution and results.
  4. I Am Doing OK – Really? You wouldn’t welcome more profit and money in your pocket? You have achieved a wonderful Work/Life Harmony, and you have time to do all you wish to do? You have a great, high performing team and the capacity to serve every customer who desires or needs your product or service? If you are satisfied with the money you make, have all the time you want, and are serving all the customers who want to purchase your product or service, congratulations! Otherwise, you need a business coach to assist you to make more and work less.

The ActionCOACH definition of a successful business is:

A Commercial Profitable


That Works Without


Stop making excuses for not maximizing your impact and success, hire a business coach and outpace your competitors.

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Certified, Award Winning Executive, Leadership and Business Coach - My mission is to assist as many business executives and owners as possible to leverage their talents and experience for the purpose of maximizing the value they bring to their markets, teams, families, and communities.

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